A sharp tactical game in the French defense.

This particular game features an example of how to play the #Frenchdefense, #Tarrasch variation.

White leaves black saddles with a backward e pawn. He/she tries to apply long time pressure along the half open e file. While also limiting the scope of black queen’s bishop. However, things can become very sharp tactically if white overlooks any of the black players maneuvers on the kingside.

Here is a case in point example of where white allowed far too much play along his kingside.

A game I really Should have Lost. Perseverance kept me in it.

This game included the French defense, Tarrasch variation as the opening choice for black.

I studied this fairly extensively some years back, with excellent results in tournament play. However, with my lack of opening study now, I often find myself at a loss as to what I should play when it comes to following opening theory.

I gave it my best shot! Here is the game that I just completed. With a victory. Time, of course, is a factor in these 3 minute blitz games. That just makes them all the more fun though!