A game I won using the English Opening.

This began as a symmetrical opening. Eventually, one side or the other will have to deviate from the imitation of the others’ moves. It is at that point when they game can finally be decided. But try to win some material while you’re at it!

I’d just like to mention, the endgame in this particularly match up is quite instructive. I really do love these rook vs. rook endings. You can do a lot by just improving your rook’s position from 4th rank, to 7th rank. There are a lot of nuances one has to really pay attention to when studying rook endings. Though this ending is not perfect, I felt fairly proud of being able to win this game, when I traded queens without having any material advantage.

My victory against a Fide master, playing the English Opening.

This game went pretty well for me. Black bringing the bishop out early to c5 has never really posed a huge problem for me. Particularly in slow games, when I can figure out how to blunt the pressure of the bishop along the g1-a7 diagonal.

My opponent’s handling of the opening seemed to leave something to be desired. I think black lacked forceful play. Allowing me to damage his pawn structure, with little compensation for it, was probably not the best thing to do. Also, black should have tried not to have allowed me to win a pawn so early in the game. This was what gave me plenty to play for in the middle game.