Part 2 of my video series on playing the Caro Kann.

My draw against a grandmaster. This video should provide some insight on how to handle the black pieces in the #CaroKanndefense, particularly when coming under a fierce kingside attack.

There were chances for both sides. I feel white may have overlooked a critical opportunity to play for a win when he had a chance to send a rook to my 7th rank, creating real pressure on my queenside pawns. However, overall, I was satisfied with my play. Though I am sure this game deserves to be analyzed to determine the best course for both sides.


A Draw I obtained against a grandmaster.

I am looking over this game, using my analysis engine. Of course, it's often difficult to find the best move in a blitz game of 3 minutes. However, my instinct told me that the endgame was winning for me.

Maybe one of my guests can point out the best choice for black in the endgame. My hunch says I should have pushed BOTH my king side pawns in order to play for a win. What say you?

A Quick Blitz Game

My opponent plays his opening quite accurately. The #King’sIndianDefense . However, he goes wrong at some point when moving his queen around too many times. One cannot stray from the path of #development in chess. You must bring your forces out to the battlefield as quickly as possible. At all costs! It is the most important component of getting a good game against an opponent. Develop, Develop, Develop!

Always remember this when playing chess.