A Quick Blitz Game

My opponent plays his opening quite accurately. The #King’sIndianDefense . However, he goes wrong at some point when moving his queen around too many times. One cannot stray from the path of #development in chess. You must bring your forces out to the battlefield as quickly as possible. At all costs! It is the most important component of getting a good game against an opponent. Develop, Develop, Develop!

Always remember this when playing chess.

A sharp tactical game in the French defense.

This particular game features an example of how to play the #Frenchdefense, #Tarrasch variation.

White leaves black saddles with a backward e pawn. He/she tries to apply long time pressure along the half open e file. While also limiting the scope of black queen’s bishop. However, things can become very sharp tactically if white overlooks any of the black players maneuvers on the kingside.

Here is a case in point example of where white allowed far too much play along his kingside.

Win against a German Fide Master in the Caro-Kann Defense.

Quite an interesting game. My guess is, the game was likely drawn with accurate play from both sides. I tend to press for wins however. Since the clock favored me a bit, I decided to keep playing after my opponent offered a draw, in what seemed like a fairly level position.

A victory over another American Master playing #blitz.

Another tight game. I managed to pull of a win in the #Trompovskyattack. A great opening system for white when you want to avoid getting into a lot of theory, and just go after your opponent, and play chess.

This game led into an exciting rook vs rook endgame. I honestly thought my opponent could draw. Since the old saying goes “#Rookendings are always drawn.” Something like that. Well. I fight until the end. I prefer fighting chess, not draws every game.

Hope you guys enjoy this game.

A game I really Should have Lost. Perseverance kept me in it.

This game included the French defense, Tarrasch variation as the opening choice for black.

I studied this fairly extensively some years back, with excellent results in tournament play. However, with my lack of opening study now, I often find myself at a loss as to what I should play when it comes to following opening theory.

I gave it my best shot! Here is the game that I just completed. With a victory. Time, of course, is a factor in these 3 minute blitz games. That just makes them all the more fun though!

I include another game against a strong player from Russia.

I decided to add this game for the day.

I have the black pieces against a very strong player from Russia. The game is a blitz game, and of course, full of errors due to the short amount of time involved. However, the opening seemed to have been played fairly well. An instructive example of how to play the black pieces in the semi-slav, Meran variation.