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Check Out A Great Chess Film "Snapping Pieces." A Film I Hope Most Everyone Can Take Something From.

    The film was shot in Los Angeles, and covered a blitz tournament that included a couple of dozen local players.
    The event was held sometime around September of 2006. It offered a 1st place prize of 1,000 dollars. As well as several other prizes, from 1st all the way down to about 7th place or so. There was even a prize for best female player. Which I believe was one by the ever talented, former women's state champion, Collette McGruder
    The competition was steep. There were at least 3 fellow experts competing for first prize. As well as one master: Fast Eddie. (At this time I had not earned a national master title yet.)

chess film post titled "Snapping Pieces
Follow the link to see"Snapping Pieces" The Documentary

    To all reading this. God bless and take care. Stay tuned for more to come on this site as I continue to develop it.

Learn from One of the Top 100 Chess Players in California. National Master Kofi Tatum . USCF Rating 2230.

Follow Some Chess History Here.

  • Chess Legend Paul Morphy
    The phenomenal American Chess Master Paul Morphy. (June 22, 1837 – July 10, 1884)

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